VisitKorvemaa is like tourismgate, what helps you to discover the destination’s best services and attractive activities. As you will need information for selfquided hiking or full package to explore the nature with sauna, good food and accommodation, we can help you.

We have over 25 tourism companies within a radius of 100 km and we all do good cooperation for serving you the best experience at nature.

We can arrange you hiking day with snowshoes/bogshoes off the beaten track, swimming in bog lakes, cooking on a fire in the middle of nowhere, staying overnight and sleeping in hammocks in bogs, or organizing a two-day canoe and bike trip together with traditional sauna, challenging yourself with an overnight trip in the winter and hiking over the frozen bog or going on a landscape photography tour. Or skating on the frozen lakes… And that’s not all. 

You can experience it all 1 our drive way from Tallinn at Kõrvemaa’s landscape protection area.  You can take the train from Tallinn, Narva, Rakvere or Tartu to hiking capital of Estonia, Aegviidu and explore the nature with us.

Accommodations, saunas and seminar rooms:

What to do or sightseeings:

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