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Our story:

In 2021, we bought the nearly 100-year-old Laagri farmhouse in Pillapallu, where no one had lived for the last 20 years. The aim is to create a magical dream home here in the middle of nature in Kõrvemaa, where there are spaces for both Jan’s small home restaurant and Anneli’s meditation sessions. Our desire is to feed and indulge the body and soul of our guests, so that there would be  balance in life.

In parallel with the restoration of the farmhouse, we have already started events for various groups. People come to us to celebrate birthdays, organize  team events etc.

Since the meditation hall is not ready yet, we offer hiking in the Kõrvemaa forest and marshes with meditation and breathing exercises to feed the soul. Allowing the everyday speed to stop, we take time off and enjoy the silence or the sounds of the forest. If possible, we leave smart devices behind and dress in such a way that lying down in the forest is comfortable.

Depending on the season and the weather, we offer 3- to 5-course dinners in the new premises of Laagri talu either inside the restaurant or under the barn. Dinners created by the host are inspired by cooking over live fire or coals. We use all kinds of raw materials from our forest or garden, there is no fixed menu, the dishes are prepared according to the season, the customer’s wishes and the chef’s inspiration.

In addition, we also offer one accommodation option. Since the farm house was not suitable for living in the beginning, we built a small house of 20m2, by the forest, where we enjoyed life for 9 months. Today we live in our main house and thus we offer accommodation for nature lovers in our small house. The house has one queen size bed for 2 people and one normal bed for one. In the room you can make coffe or tea, and there is also a refrigerator and an electric heater. There is a dry toilet outside. You can take a shower in the big house. There is a nice small sitting area area in front of the small house to enjoy nature. In addition, there is also a hot tub at the house, which can be heated separately. If needed you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner are also possible.

So we offer:

  • Dinners made on live fire and coals (3-, 4- and 5-course)
  • Meditation hikes in the forest and bog
  • Accommodation for up to 3 adults – Small house by the forest (If needed you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner are also possible.)

You can follow our activities on Facebook Laagri Talu and on Instagram pillapalu.laagritalu.

You can book and get more information by writing to FB Laagri talu or Anneli Pajus or call Jan Pajus +37258165302

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