Uujärve Matkapesa hikes and home accommodation

Uuejärve Homestay, located at North-Kõrvemaa nature reserve and Natura2000 area, offers you genuine wilderness experiences as well as the opportunity to vacation in a typical Estonian farm house.  At the 20 ha private property you’ll can find protected animals as the Ural owl, pygmy owl, hazel grouse, black woodpecker, the mistle thrush and Brandt’s bat. From plants there are:  Pulsatilla patens, club moss, Dactylorhiza fuchsii,  lesser butterfly-orchid and many others unique plants.   
Uuejärve was one of Estonia’s largest silver fox farms during Estonia’s first independence. Hundreds of silver foxes were bred here in the 1930’s.  The main house, built in 1932, served as the residence of the owners.
During the Soviet occupation (1944 to 1991), the farm was seized and incorporated as part of the Soviet Union’s military training base in Estonia.  This 100 sq. mile area became forbidden territory for civilians for close to 50 years. As a result, many species of rare plants were preserved in these forests.
After Estonia regained its indendence in 1991,  the  Estonian government designated these lands as a nature preserve.  It became a unique area for camping and hiking. 
The family who owned the farm formerly restored the house in 1994.  They now live in America and the house is the home of Marilin, a professional nature guide and mountaineer.
We wish you a peasant holiday and stay here.

Hiking at sunrise and a swim at a bog lake at Kõrvemaa
What could be more authentic than waking up at dawn and starting the day with a pleasant hike at sunrise? The nature of North-Kõrvemaa offers these emotions every morning and all year round.
During the walk, you get an emotion about being in nature, moving around and yourself. During the hike you get overview of the history, stories and legends of the North-Kõrvemaa region and local people lifestyle and traditions. If you feel, it is to early to hike during sunrise, then we can do the hike also during daytime.
In addition to hiking, you can enjoy a swim in the bog lake; pick berry, mushrooms, herbs or feel youselt as nature photographer by capturing moments at sunrise. During the winter season, we skate on the bog lake or hike with snowshoes. In addition, we arrange accommodation, catering and a sauna.
Price: up to 5 participants € 225, each additional participant € 39. The price includes also little picnic and herbal tea.

Hiking as sport, long distance hikes or meeting by hiking.
Hiking can be a workout, nature observation, meeting or brainstorming. We know how at least an hour of movement creates good feelings, and fierce ideas fly.
The North-Kõrvemaa landscape protection area is diverse, varied and exciting. You choose the time or distance – 2h, 3h, 4h or 10km – 30km. The trip is intended for those who train for a mountain hike or marathon or want to start it.
The price includes a joint stretching program and soup and drink. A backpack, light snack and drink are required.
In addition, you can plan different workshops – ABC of the hiking training, nutrition before and after the hike.

Hike and SUP-yoga at Kõrvemaa
Hiking at the forest is like going back to the roots. You can find inner peace, listen to the birds singing, your heart beat and smell all the different plants.
While hiking we reach the bog lake, where we take a SUP board trip, and relax during SUP board yoga. We do a customized yoga program with breathing exercises that everyone can do. After yoga we will have self time at the bog lake to enjoy the moments at nature.
It is possible also to have a healthy swim in the bog lake. Doing it all at sunset or sunrise, it will make magic and charm of nature many times more.
The price 37€/person includes training (meaning the hike is suitable for everyone), a guide, a board, a paddle, and a life jacket and drinks. Private hike minimum group is 5 persons.

Canoeing at Soodla river during high water season or hike with SUP-board during low water season.
Canoeing at Soodla river is possible only during spring and early summer. The river begins in the Karkuse bog and flows into the Jägala River. The spring canoe trip is great – budding trees, blooming spring flowers, emerging nature, edges of beavers and waterfowl. The river is calm and safe, the adventure is added by the special nature of the river, the crossing of individual obstacles and the old forest transport bridge.
The hiking distance of 6 km (2 hours) is also suitable for hiking with children (from the age of 4) as well as for pleasant nature observation with a companion. Children from the age of 12 can cope independently.
After the canoe trip, it is possible to go hiking on the RMK Paukjärve hiking trail, there is a watching tower and a bog.
The trip could take 1.5 – 2.5 hours.
Price 49 € / adult, 29 € minor child, minor child in extra sit is free of charge.
The price includes instructions, equipment necessary for the hike (life jacket, paddle, canoe), soup and drink after the hike, and, if desired, transport of the drivers to the starting point of the cars.
We will send detailed information about the starting point of the trip and other important information to the registered e-mail.

Self guided SUP-board hike
Would you like to enjoy nature floating at bog lake with SUP board at Põhja Kõrvemaa or Nelijärve holday center? We offer you and your friends this opportunity regardless of day and time of day.
We bring the SUP board equipment (SUP board, paddle and life jacket) to the agreed place and time. If you wish, we prepare for you also an exciting hiking route with an overnight stay in a forest, bog area or observation tower.
SUP board equipment rental prices:
Up to 3 hours = 25€/equipment
Up to 12 hours = 35€/equipment
For a longer period by separate agreement
The minimum number of SUP boards for rent is 5 boards.
To make a reservation, call 5105441 or write to matkapesa@visitkorvemaa.ee

Hikes by foot and food at nature

Nature hike and food from forest

Estonian forests are full of food and natural vitamins. Have you taken a walk in the forest and thought how valuable clean, straight from the forest food is? Do you know how a rowan spring bud tastes, or an moose hemp shoots at pan, or a bird cherry flower in lemonade? There is food in the forest during spring, summer and autumn. Let’s go on a walking tour in the Kõrvemaa Natura prodected area and discover real food from Estonian forests. Hiking distance approximately 3 – 5 km and duration up to 2 hours. After the hike, we offer a menu of forest food:

  • soup from forest products – homemade bread with side dishes
  • a magic drink from the local forest with chaga and lemonade of picked flowers, buds, leaves 
  • local forest honey with a fresh baked pastry

The price for the hike including catering is €49/participant. The minimum group size is 5 participants. If you have any questions, call Marilin at 5105441 or write to info@visitkorvemaa.ee

Bogshoeing at the bog and cranberry picking 

Let’s go to admire the wonderful nature and bog life.  It is known that the largest cranberries grow on bogs at the edge of ponds, they are found in autumn, snowy winter and early spring.  We combine hiking with taking time off and picking cranberries, having a moment and feel the magic of the bog. There is possible to have swim in the boglake.  

After the hike we enjoy good food by Forest restaurant head chef Ellery:

  • Pumpkin and orange soup, caramelized pumpkin seeds in spruce syrup;
  • Cinnamon and vanilla rice pudding with cranberry sauce;
  • Sweet mulled wine made from apple and meadow flowers.

The hike is suitable also for both birthday celebrations and joint activities with coworkers. The price for the hike including catering is €350/ 5 participant, every additional participant 60€.  If you have any questions, call Marilin at 5105441 or write to info@visitkorvemaa.ee

A discovery trip to the winter forest and bogs, with snowshoes or kicksleds.

During winter season, it is exciting to go with snowshoes or kicksleds to hike into the forest, swamps, ponds or across lakes. A discovery trip is not just a walk, but a journey full of emotions. The views of the crisp, iridescent and also snowy landscape are unparalleled at any moment. Snow is like a soft carpet on the landscape, and snowshoes or sleds allow us pass areas that otherwise are difficult. According to snow thickness, we choose the most suitable hiking equipment for movement.
The hiking distance depends on the speed of movement and time, i.e. approximately 2-3 hours. You get exiting experiences, moderate physical exertion and a lot of positive emotions are guaranteed.
Price for up to 5 participants €275; each additional participant €45.
The price includes the planning of the hike, the services of a tour guide during the hike, instructions for movement, the necessary equipment for the hike, and a hot drink and a light snack.
We will send detailed information about the starting point of the hike and other important things to the registered e-mail.

Additional options:

  • skating with hiking skates on bog lakes or ponds,
  • headlamps or lanterns at dusk,

A combined hike with 2 hiking equipment, such as snowshoes and sledges or snowshoes and hiking skates. The price of additional equipment can be negotiated separately.

To make a reservation, call +372 5105441 or write to matkapesa@visitkorvemaa.ee

See various hiking events on FB Uuejärve Matkapesa page. If you have any questions, call +372 5105441

Home accommodation

There is 4 bedrooms and 11 beds, a fully equipped kitchen, a large living room and a terrace with barbecue facilities. Guests can enjoy a self-heating farm sauna with a wood-burning stove. You can rent tents, bikes, SUP-boards, kicksledges, bogshoes.

House per night 245€ during weekdays, 390€ during weekends, includes sauna.
Tent per night 35€

Additional services:

  • After cleaning 55 € (the service is added if the customer does not wash the dishes and the general order needs thorough cleaning)
  • Bicycle rental 10 € / day; FAT rental 30 € / day
  • Sauna heated according to the customer’s desired time – 65 €,  self heated included at house price.
  • Seasonally canoe trip on the Soodla river or SUP-board yoga hike 39 € / participant, canoe rental for an independent trip 25 € / canoe
  • Hiking on the desired distance for up to 3 hours with a tour guide – 150 € / hike
  • Bog- or snowshoeing, kickledding, cross-country ski trip with special arrangement.

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